ABSACE MODEL was founded in 2017, it makes production of casting model design patterns and electro fusion patterns in the jewellery sectors, also it has an education center with experienced staff in the limited company.

A branch of casting in jewellery sector includes in between percentage of 60-70 with extensive concept of sector. According to customers’ demand in prepared casting design,it can be made delivery in complete last up into the company.

Furthermore, electro fusion pattern operations are made including in between percentage of 25-30 .It is offered to customers with distinctive modern drawings and sustained renewed design as ABSACE MODEL. According to customers’ demand and approval, production network continues to extend. ABSACE MODEL is extracted electro fusion and casting patterns from 3D machines; according to customers’ request, it is provided the opportunity to extract to supply own designs and patterns.

ABSACE MODEL is potently continued own’s works in casting and electro fusion patterns division of jewellery sector with design and production.

ABSACE MODEL is an education center as separate from the production part. It is provided training for professional and personal education to request by having jewellery sector’s company owners and employees. In addition to the training people can stand by ABSACE MODEL who want to get involved in the sector support.

ABSACE MODEL is prefered with different and distinctive designs from domestically and internationally in many countries in jewellery sectors.

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